Data Conversion

Medical 3D Printing

Our dedicated team of technicians and modellers can convert DIACOM medical data to 3D Printing Model data in a short timeframe.

Pay per Print Service

Medical 3D Printing

We have competitive rates for 3D Printing Models and delivering them to hospitals. Print medical models anytime, anywhere and get it delivered to your clinic or hospital within 3 business days.

On premise Lab Setup

3D Printing Medical Lab

With our global partners, we can help Healthcare companies setup their in house Medical 3D Printing Labs. This keeps you patient data secure and in-house, with support and technical training provided by us.

Medical 3D Printing

Some areas of use for medical 3D Printing

  • Facial reconstruction surgery
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Skull reconstruction surgery
  • Spinal cord C1 - C7 printing
  • CV Junction printing
  • Brain aneurysm surgery
  • Dental aligners and surgical guides printing

Medical 3D Printers

Medical 3D Printers

Medical Treatment by Healthcare Providers has revolutionized with the help of 3D Printers . Now Medical Service Providers can 3D Print medical data from DICOM Images as used in all hospitals around the globe. Our 3D experts will re-model the data to bring out specific details required for a successful diagnosis.

Our service offers, through collaborations with our partners Ultimaker, Formlabs and Leapfrog.

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Please contact us to get a quote on medical 3D Printing or to understand how we can help you setup a 3D Medical Lab in your facility.