Basic - 3D Printing Class

Introduction to basic 3D Printing and assignments using tangible prototypes. The program helps improve motor, math and analytical skills as well as spatial awareness skills. You will be taught to ‘think and solve in 3D’.

Duration : 1 month (can be customise as extensive program in 1-2 weeks also)

Rs. 5,999/- Per Student

Basic Plus - Class

Introduction to 3D Printing and assignments using self-printed prototypes. It's more hands-on experience than Basic package and uses a variety of problem solving assignments. Plus students will able to design and print prototypes, analyzing them and make adjustments.

Duration : 2 months  (can be customise as extensive program in 1-2 weeks also)

Rs. 10,999/- Per Student

Advanced Class

Introduction to Advanced 3D Printing Technology using CNC and LASER. Program is designed using FDM technology with PLA or ABS Plastics. Candidates learn both technologies - CNC+LASER and 3D Printing. CNC+LASER is taught on MDF Wood.

Duration : 3 months  (can be customise as extensive program in 2-3 weeks also )

Rs. 49,999 Per Student

Professional Class

Candidates & teacher learn all about 3D Additive Manufacturing, CNC + Laser, Casting, Plating, Mould Making and Water Transfer & Printing Technologies, Silver Chroming Technologies, Photogrammetry & 3D Printing techniques.

Duration : 4 months (same course can be customise as extensive program for 3-4 weeks also)

Note: School teachers can take this course which will enable them to teach 3D printing in their school.

Rs. 69,999 Per Student


Workshop - 1

Intro to 3D Printing for Jewellery Manufacturers

Learn how to 3D print jewellery with castable resins that are specifically designed for direct wax casting of 3D Printed models. Designed and 3D Printed Jewellery allows the production of high-definition, detailed jewellery parts with smooth surfaces that don't require post process finishing.

Workshop - 2

3D Printing for Digital Dentistry

For the first time ever, you can now 3D print biocompatible models on your desktop. Learn about the 3D printers that are designed to bring the power of 3D printing to dental professionals. Its speed, precision, and compact footprint make it perfect for dental offices and labs. It takes as little as 15 minutes to get set up and printing.