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PrintLab DIY is a pioneering curriculum of hands-on lessons for teachers and students everywhere. Simple and exciting lesson plans enable educators to incorporate making and hands-on activities into core curriculum subjects.

Whether you’re looking for new and engaging ways to teach Maths, Physics, IT or creative subjects, there’s a PrintLabs lesson that can help.

Product List - Per Student Pack

  • Lesson 1: Build your own greenhouse
  • Lesson 2: Build your own sand-timer
  • Lesson 3: Build your own workbench
  • Lesson 4: Build your own workshop stool
  • Lesson 5: Design your own interactive wall graphics
  • Lesson 6: Design your own pavilion
  • Lesson 7: Design your own team uniform
  • Lesson 8: Make your own cookie cutter
  • Lesson 9: Make your own measuring tape
  • Lesson 10: Make your own microscope

PrintLab Curriculum Pack 12 Students - Rs. 48,899/-
PrintLab Curriculum Pack 36 Students - Rs. 87,798/-



PrintLab specialises in creating projects kits that encourage learning through making and reconnecting children with their physical environment through digital design and 3D Printing. With an innovative term-long curriculum which was developed to empower teachers and educators around the world to deliver a course on 3D design and digital making.

The Prineville game kits introduces children to design, architecture and urban planning through 3D modelling and 3D printing in order to collaboratively design and build models of sustainable future cities.

Its a sustainable city design project, where much like in a game, each student is assigned a creative mission that takes them through a full design and project management process. The teacher curates this journey, which includes research, ideation, sketching, technical drawing, CAD modeling, 3D printing and presenting, keeping a balance of individual project development and group teamwork.

Kits equips students with 21st century skills, introduces them to design thinking, problem solving and creative entrepreneurship and inspires them to pursue careers in design and STEAM related industries.

Project Kits Options:

PrintLab Printville Kits for 12 Students Rs. 39,899/-
PrintLab Printville Kits for 24 Students Rs. 51,799/-
PrintLab Printville Kits for 36 Students Rs. 63,699/-

Kits Include :
  • Printville Ocean Board (70x50cm)
  • Teacher's Handbook (A4 colour)
  • 14 Lesson Plans for a Term-long Project
  • 20+ Instructional Lesson Videos
  • Digital Pack with 3D CAD Project File
  • Each Student kit including Unique Illustrated Brief Cards for: Infrastructure, Health & Safety, Community and Culture

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